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The Popularity of Bose Connect App

The Popularity of Bose Connect App

When it comes to portable acoustics, both speakers and headphones, Bose is one of the most famous manufacturers. Sound devices by Bose are packed with unusual features, but they reveal their real power when controlled by the native app. Bose Connect is the app made for getting the most out of Bose speakers and headphones.

While regular connection of a single audio device can be done by generic methods, using Bose Connect unlocks some features that need special attitude. For example, you can sync the music in two pairs of headphones, so the two of you listen to it simultaneously. It can be both romantic and practical, for example, when you need to rate some song or record in a noisy place.

Another effect that can’t be reached by using default connection is stereo pairing of mono speakers. For example, two of Bose SoundLink speakers can be used as a stereo pair, and you can select which speaker is the left one and which is the right. This manner provides perfect syncing of the two, so the sound reveals its stereo immersion with absolute panorama.

26 Feb 2021